Simple ‘Fried Fish & Bammy’

Here is a quick flavorful meal for a simple dinner for two. That special someone will love this meal just as much as they love you. The flavors of this dish will make you feel like you are eating a well prepared meal off the shores of an intimate island.

Fried fish is a favorite among many, and serving the whole fish will give you the leverage you need to prove your true traditional African womanly traits.

There is a skill and an art to eating fish with bones fully intact. Not every race of women can handle this task and this is a plus for black men seeking a true royal black wife.

Although we do not ‘eat’ bones, we do however, gracefully nibble the meat from them. 

Fish Prep: 

  • Clean / Soak fish in lime or lemon juice for 5 – 10 minutes. If left too long the fish will have a strong citrus flavor.
  • *Always use cold water when cleansing fish because warm water will slowly cook fish, and make the skin start to rub off.
  • *Soak (2) 1-Ibs,  Snapper Fish 1-Tea Spoon Salt in Water for 10 minutes.
  • *Pat fish dry with paper towel to ensure water is free from fish.
  • *If water is mixed with hot oil it will become a danger hazard for all parties involved. Please be careful when cooking with hot oil.
  • Fish Cooking Measurements: *Each Individual Fish*
  • (2) Snapper Fish (1-Ibs each)
  • ½ -Tea Spoon Salt
  • ½ -Tea Spoon Black Pepper
  • 1 – Tea Spoon Garlic Powder
  • 1 – Tea Spoon Onion Powder
  • 1- Tea Spoon Seasoning Salt

**Pre heat oil to 230°F (Med /High) temperature then place fish in pan. The temperature in the pan will decrease so be sure to watch and see how fast the fish is cooking. If the oil is smoking too much turn down the stove temp until smoke subsides then turn temperature to 200°F setting.

**Cook fish on each side for 4 – 6 minutes depending on how well done you prefer your fish. Keep an eye on your fish and do not leave your stove temperature on high! You will mistakenly burn /over-cook the fish quickly.

**After both sides are evenly cooked remove fish from pan place on wax paper or paper towel to drain excess oil from fish before serving.

Fried Cassava ‘Bammy’

  • Pre-heat oil on Medium heat, wait until oil is fully hot before frying Bammy pieces.
  • Cut Bammy into 2 -4 pieces then, soak in milk for 30 minutes or until milk has soaked well into Bammy.
  • Season milk with a pinch of salt or you use seasoning salt if you prefer.
  • Pat dry before placing pieces into hot oil. Excessive liquid of any kind will cause the hot oil to splash up in a hazardous way.
  • Fry until Bammy is golden brown on both sides, this should be about 4 – 5 minutes on both sides.
  • If oil level covers Bammy in the pan then, slow fry until golden both sides are brown.
  • Bammy is finish with a crisp layer on the outside and tender on the inside. Enjoy!

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