Ackee & Salt Fish Delight

This breakfast delight is traditionally known as the island of Jamaica’s national dish. It is so light and flavorful, that it is now common and willfully enjoyed all times of the day. One must be careful when preparing this dish.

The ‘fruit’ Ackee is very poisonous if consumed before it has naturally ripened. By allowing the Ackee’s outer layer to expose the now ‘non-toxic’ parts of the ‘fruit’ it becomes safe to eat.

Although, some may say this is culturally a myth, it still stands as a traditional custom. To not disrespect the tree nor the fruit it bears.


  1. Place Salt Fish in pot of cold water (until fish is 2- inches under water level), bring water to boil.
  2. Strain hot water from pot. Repeat step 1.
  3. Taste a small piece of fish to test the level of salt remaining on fish. If fish is still too salty, repeat step 1.
  4. When fish is ready, it should taste fresh and mildly salted.
  5. Add Oil to frying pan, then add Onions, Peppers and all others ingredients mix until Onions have caramelized.
  6. Always add Ackee and separate (in small pieces) Salt Fish last, as these items are already cooked. Therefore, mixing and turning Ackee too many times will mash it down and turn your dish to mush.
  7. Cover and Simmer on low fire, for 10 minutes before serving.


1-Ibs of Salted (fish) Pollock Fillets

2-Cups of (Cooked/Canned) Ackee

  • If using raw/uncooked Ackee, place Ackee in 1/2-Tbsp salt /boiling water (Add enough water to cover Ackee in pot) cook for 15 minutes or until Ackee becomes tender. Drain and continue with step 3.


2-Pinch of Salt

2-Tsp Black Pepper

Bell Peppers

1-Large Onion, chopped in rings

1-Large Tomato, chopped

3-Tbsp Cooking Oil

3-Garlic Cloves, minced

2-Thyme pieces

1/4-Tsp Ground Pimento seeds or a few whole seeds

1-Scotch Bonnet Pepper *use to your discretion*

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