Ginger Beer

Hello there, I am so excited to share this thirst quenching, cold and sore throat healing Hot & Spicy Ginger Beer!

Now, I know what you’re thinking…you hear the word ‘beer’ and think, “Beer? No Way!”  But, I can assure you not to worry. It is just the name, this drink is made from only ginger roots and sugary sweetness.

Yep, that’s it! Now, let’s me tell you how it’s done.

Must Have Ingredients: 

1-Kitchen Grater -Fine (smallest) Side

3- Ginger Natural (Uncut) Pieces

1-Cup of Sugar *You may use more sugar, but I’ll tell other alternatives, further down.


1: Clean your ginger pieces with a sponge and a tip of dish soap. Rinse in bowl until water is clear and soap free.

2: Place kitchen grater in a bowl then use the fine (smallest) side to grater the ginger pieces. Use larger ginger pieces if this is your first time using a grater. They come extremely sharp and cut deep! Even if you have to keep using new larger pieces of ginger, do it!

*You could also use a blender to mash the ginger. However, there will be a slight and very distinctive taste to the end result. Some folks even boil their ginger to make ginger drinks, this method varies from different Caribbean cultures.

After the ginger is completely finely gratered…

3: Add 6-Cups of Water now, this is where it gets tricky; my 6-cups of water and 1-cup of sugar gave me the real strong, chest tingling Ginger Beer. This is traditionally how it is made less sugar ginger. Severed chilled on ice.

There are many health benefits to ginger and it’s excellent for throat and chest colds. Are you are looking for that real strong ginger kick? Well if not, then I will suggest using more water and dilute the potency of the ginger burn.

If you are making this drink for children; add a little more sugar & water, this will do the trick. Or you can just add pineapple juice instead of the water. You may also add frozen pineapple chunks as shown in the picture above. The pineapple chunks vs the pineapple juice, really keeps the kick in the ginger beer, with a sweet finish.

I know you’ll love this old time classic drink.

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