Black Girls Fried Chicken Coming soon..

What does your fried chicken say about you?
Will he compare your fried chicken to that of his mother’s? Of course he will! 
Stick with us and his mother will want to know YOUR special recipe. 
Don’t worry we got your back! 
Black girls have to stick/cook together!
Some of the best traditions will start with you!

Ackee & Salt Fish Delight

This breakfast delight is traditionally known as the island of Jamaica’s national dish. It is so light and flavorful, that it is now common and willfully enjoyed all times of the day. One must be careful when preparing this dish. The ‘fruit’ Ackee is very poisonous if consumed before it has naturally ripened. By allowing…

Simple ‘Fried Fish & Bammy’

Here is a quick flavorful meal for a simple dinner for two. That special someone will love this meal just as much as they love you. The flavors of this dish will make you feel like you are eating a well prepared meal off the shores of an intimate island. Fried fish is a favorite…


Try this Signature dish to ‘WOW’ that special someone. Better yet, bring this dish to a family event or to a work function. I know you’ll be surprised with the great response EVERYONE will be giving you. You will be the ‘love or life’ of the party! *This individual side dish can serve a family/party of…


Here is my Granny’s Low Sodium Brown Stew Chicken dish that I know you all will love. Join us as we share our favorite recipes with you. *Clean meat in vinegar water before seasoning, use 2 parts to 3 parts water. Seasoning Measurements: Use 5 – 6 pounds of Chicken meat; *6 quarter pieces cut…

Escovitch Pepper Sauce Coming soon..

‘Variety is the Spice of Life’ 
This recipe will give your husband just the spicy kick he needs. To remain the stone cold warrior (Grrrrr), your family loves. This pepper sauce packs a lot of flavor and fire so… proceed with caution.