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‘Cooking With Black Girls’

I am here to create an Empire for black women around the world to learn traditional ways of preparing healthy home-cooked meals for their families.
“The woman, is the refinement of a family’s dynamic.”

She shapes the mold of the family in which the man leads. Therefore, we gracefully take pride in our position as such. We hold our bosoms high and stand firm in the legacy of our womanhood. We are a full community of solid black families’ who support the mission and its’ efforts. For that I am humbled.

Me? Well, my name is Beth Sahii, and I’m doing my part in highlighting the greatness of black women who take pride in their place as nurturers of the family dynasty. Through cooking and embracing our femininity, we take pride in nutrition and traditional values. We will continue the legacy of African Women World Wide.

Join us, as we share some of our favorite recipes with you.

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